When the snow starts to fly, hitting the mountains in a campervan is a surefire way to create a memorable winter trip. 

Traveling with a camper rental allows you to visit Colorado’s most scenic spots no matter the weather. And with the added flexibility of traveling with a camper rental, you can go wherever and whenever you want on a whim. 

You can chase powder up and down the Rocky Mountains and get first tracks at your favorite ski areas or backcountry spots. Or if you want a few days of warmer weather, you can easily drive to the southern Utah desert or chase the sun to some of the most scenic spots in New Mexico.  

The freedom and flexibility of a camper rental can’t be beaten. Here are a few reasons you should consider touring Colorado in a camper rental this winter.     

Chase the Powder

Rather than being tied to one particular ski area, traveling by campervan or Jeep camper allows you to go wherever the snow falls. This is an especially great way to travel if you have one of Colorado’s multi-resort ski passes or if you prefer to chase the powder at one of Colorado’s best backcountry ski runs.

If you fall in love with a particular ski area, you can choose to spend your entire trip there. If you’re a powder skier, you can chase the storms. If you’re craving a little solitude, you can head south to the desert for a few days. 

Either way, a camper rental is a ski and snowboarder’s dream.

Live Out Your Unfulfilled Ski Bum Dreams

Maybe you never got to spend that season being a lift operator at Telluride, or sleeping in your car and chasing powder all over the west. 

Taking a winter road trip through Colorado can help fulfill those old dreams — with a bit more comfort than you would have had in your early 20s!

A campervan or small RV makes for an excellent basecamp at the resort or backcountry ski area. You can get dressed for skiing with ease in the back of your van, fire up some coffee right inside your vehicle, and return for lunch. 

You can also enjoy a bit of rest before heading back to the slopes for a little night skiing if you’re a true weekend w0rrier.  

Save on Colorado Ski Area Lodging

Considering that lift tickets cost well over $100 a day these days (and lodging can easily come in 2-3 times that amount), renting a camper rental makes your dream ski trip a reality rather than an over-budget pipe-dream. 

At first glance, a camper rental can appear pricey. But when you consider how much you’ll save on car rental car fees, lodging costs, and food since you can cook your own, camper rentals are a killer deal. Plus, camper rental costs tend to be less in the winter months. 

Just make sure to read the rules and regulations regarding vehicle camping wherever you end up staying for the night. Overnighting in your vehicle is not allowed in some cities such as Aspen but luckily plenty of National Forest Land is often found just outside the city. 

Some ski towns, like Breckenridge and Steamboat Springs, even have RV parks not too far from the ski resort that caters to winter campers. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to locals (on the slopes or in bars around town) to find out where it’s safe and legal to camp for the night or consult message boards across the Internet. Some resorts such as Silverton Mountain even let you camp right near the ski area.  

Try Out a Variety of Colorado Winter Activities

Sure, Colorado has fantastic downhill skiing. But that’s only one of the many winter activities you’ll find across the state

You can learn to ice climb in Ouray, soar through the forest on the back of a dog sled near Monarch Pass, and soak in a variety of geothermal wonders in places like Pagosa Springs, Glenwood Springs, and Nathrop. 

If you want to see some nature visit one of Colorado’s 4 National parks: Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Grand Dunes National Park, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Here you’ll find plenty of opportunities for adventure and plenty of spots to park your camper rental overnight.   

Colorado is also home to several national monuments and scenic areas, including Dinosaur National Monument, Canyons of the Ancients, and the Maroon Bells plus some of the most scenic spots in Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona are only a day’s drive from Denver. 

Travel Slower and Deeper and See More Authentic Colorado

Travel is truly about the journey. Traveling with a Colorado camper rental gives you the opportunity to see not just your destination, but much of Colorado’s in-between.

Traveling in a camper rental lets you discover off-the-beaten-path sights and lesser-visited attractions. The things you might have missed if you travel by shuttle bus or rental car. 

With a campervan rental, you’ll be inspired to venture off the main highways and take the more scenic backroads and byways, giving you a taste of the much more authentic Colorado. 

For those who really want to get outdoors and experience the state, you’ll find that Colorado is much more than the glitzy ski resorts and tourist areas. It’s a wonderland of nostalgic old western towns, undeveloped valleys, and gorgeous mountain landscapes.  

Meet Fellow Van Traveling Friends

Campervan rentals are like magnets for like-minded people. Cruise into the ski resort parking lot, and you’re sure to see a variety of truck campers, decked-out conversion vans, and small RVs. 

While most tourists go back to their lodging for evening, traveling in a camper makes it much easier to get to know locals and fellow travelers. 

Plus, fellow camper travelers are great resources to find out where to safely camp for the night, and get tips for what to see and do during the rest of your trip. 

Learn to Appreciate the Art of Traveling Simply

Take a trip with one of our camper rentals, and you’re sure to appreciate the art of traveling with less. 

Going simple and cruising your campervan or Jeep camper across quiet snowy landscapes lets you experience a different side of winter. While other tourists may be glued to a TV in the lodge, you can watch the snowfall from your pillow while snuggled up to your loved one in the camper.  

With fewer gadgets, gear, and well, stuff in general, you can focus more on the experience and enjoy uninterrupted time with your loved ones. You may find that true freedom and happiness comes with having less. 

Test Out Colorado #vanlife Before You Go All In

Maybe you’re thinking about ditching all your creature comforts and going all in and purchasing your own van. This will help you figure out the best kind of vehicle you’ll want for your needs, preferred outdoor activities, and travel plans.

It will also help you figure out if you can truly live in a van in the winter, and where and how you’ll camp. 

Perhaps you’ll even find out that you’ll be happy renting a van a few times a year, rather than getting your own van. Or maybe you’ll be convinced that #vanlife is indeed for you. There’s only one way to find out!

Whatever your reason, a camper rental is a fun and unique way to tour Colorado, especially in the winter months.

Making the Most of Winter Camping

And although spontaneity is one of the advantages of camper vehicle travel, winter camping takes a bit more preparation and planning

But don’t let the cold weather scare you away from exploring Colorado this winter! As long as you come prepared with the right gear and plenty of layers, you’ll have no problem sleeping comfortably on even the chilliest nights.

Enjoy one of the best times of the year to camp in Colorado! Be sure to prepare for winter camping with our winter camping guide. And check out our favorite cold-weather camping gear you’ll need for your adventure >