Who We Are

We’re a woman- and veteran-owned rental vehicle company with a zeal for connecting others to the transformational power of outdoor adventure.

Our Vision

At Overland Discovery, we believe that an adventurous spirit means to never stop seeking. Exposing ourselves to new sights, new experiences, and new stories allows us to grow, learn, and live life to its fullest.

Traveling in the great outdoors is the best way for your adventurous spirit to spread its wings. We believe forging a meaningful connection to travel and nature should be accessible, welcoming, and life-changing for everyone—no matter your experience level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bolster our customers’ adventurous spirit and to make outdoor travel easy, approachable, and exciting through turn-key rentals of Jeep campers, campervans, or compact RVs.

Our Roots

It seems that for Co-owners Camila Ramirez and Eric Collier, a life of adventure was waiting for them at every turn. For Cami it started early, when her family moved from Bogota, Colombia to Boston when she was 5-years-old. This kickstarted a life of exploration, moving between Latin America and the United States as a kid to Europe and China during and after her undergrad, where she pursued international hospitality.

In the meantime, Eric left his hometown of New Orleans to join the Navy, where he spent years as a Navy medic in Japan before pursuing his undergrad in Madrid. 

Cami and Eric met in Chicago in 2013, and their relationship was forged on a mutual passion for globetrotting. From exploring the sand dunes in Michigan to trekking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, they eventually made their way to Colorado, the capital for outdoor enthusiasts like themselves.

Coming to Colorado

Eric and Cami continued to follow their adventurous spirit. They tried rock climbing and mountain biking, and spent weekends skiing and camping.

They realized they wanted to find a way to share these experiences with others by starting a business, but weren’t sure exactly what it would look like.

While the pair loved everything camping had to offer—being closer to nature, living in the moment, enjoying outdoor activities and time with each other—it was becoming harder to be spontaneous and plan those types of trips every weekend.

They still wanted adventure, but needed to be able to feel refreshed and prepared for the work week ahead when it was all over. 

The Birth of Overland Discovery

This is how Overland Discovery was born. The duo didn’t have a lot of money or fancy gear: just two Jeeps and a passion to make adventuring a little easier for themselves and for others. Camper rentals were the key for turning long weekend escapes into lifelong memories, while not having to sacrifice much to get outside and explore.

Overland Discovery was founded on the passion for making outdoor exploration easy and fun for everyone. No matter where you live, what car you drive, or your experience level, everyone deserves access to the life-changing benefits of new adventures.

Our Team

Cami: Owner / Chief Adventure Officer

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, and have spent most of my life traveling the world. When I was 5-years-old, my family moved to the US from Bogota in the typical “American Dream” fashion: We were searching for a better life and more opportunities. After several years in the US, we made our way back to Latin America, and I spent most of my middle and high school years in Costa Rica and Chile.

After college, I decided to go to university in Europe and pursue a degree in international hospitality and business. I lived in Switzerland, Mexico, Colorado, and China, working at some of the top hotels in the world. In 2013, I moved to Chicago to continue my studies in hospitality. I met Eric shortly thereafter, and that’s when our adventures together began.

When we moved to Colorado, I managed operations for a shared workspace startup, and managed a sales team for a software company. Although I had the opportunity to move up the ladder in the tech/corporate industry, I felt I wasn’t fully realizing my passion.

My parents brought me up to be inquisitive, hardworking, and always look for a way to make a positive impact on others. I wanted to find a way to give others the gift of travel while staying true to myself.

Eric and I started building Overland Discovery while we were still at our corporate jobs. Once I got a taste of the adventure that Overland Discovery could offer others, I left my job in corporate America to manage Overland Discovery full-time, and never looked back.

Eric: Owner / Chief Experience Officer

I hail from New Orleans, Louisiana and spent most of my childhood playing sports, especially basketball. I loved the independence of practicing alone in my driveway, which would prove to be a lifelong theme for me. As an athlete, I continue staying active- even completing an Ironman in 2018.

After high school, I went to Louisiana State University because it seemed like the logical next step. However, I soon realized the “typical path” wasn’t the right one for me. I left school and started planning my next steps while working odd jobs at restaurants and in construction.

I needed a sense of direction and exploration in my life. Eventually, I joined the Navy to train as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman, a field medic with the Marines. This opened me up to world travel and new ideas.

The nature of this great challenge made me feel alive, and gave me a strong sense of purpose. I served as a Corpsman for 3 years in Okinawa, Japan, where my experiences led me on deployments around Southeast Asia. It’s here that I learned Japanese by working EMT shifts at a local fire station. This awesome experience shaped my worldview, and ignited my excitement for whatever was next on the horizon.

After the military, I pursued my undergrad in Madrid, Spain, then made my way to St. Louis to receive my MBA. After graduating, I moved to Chicago and met Cami. That’s where our adventures began.

Steve: General Manager - Denver Office

Born in South Dakota and raised in Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri, I developed an early curiosity for different cultures and a desire to explore new places. I grew up hunting, fishing, Scuba diving, and skateboarding, giving me a solid range of interests and a deep love for nature.

After high school, I flew single-engine airplanes and worked as an EMT before following my dream (and family tradition) of serving in the military. At 19, I joined the Navy to serve as a Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman as a way to see the world, serve others, and push myself to new limits. Eric and I met during our field medical training in California and served together in Okinawa. We’ve been great friends ever since.

My experience in the military was truly an adventure. I was lucky to be stationed in California, Japan, and Spain with deployments to South Asia and the Middle East. As an original member of the 1st Marine Special Operations Battalion, I operated in austere and challenging environments alongside very skilled teammates. Eventually, the military took a toll and I decided to begin a new, healthier phase of life.

As an undergraduate, I attended a program that led me to study around the world, leading to a BA in Global Studies. After college, I worked in a variety of industries before moving to San Francisco in 2016 for graduate school. I was lucky to complete my internship requirement with Overland Discovery, where I met Camila and reunited with Eric. Since then, I’ve been proud to be part of our amazing team.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of March 2021, Overland Discovery is no longer offering rentals.

If you are interested in renting a camper, please visit Titus Adventure Company (TAC). TAC is based out of Denver, Colorado and offers 4x4 campers and campervan rentals. Visit their website for more information >