One of the most important parts of camping is having enough space for you and all your gear. Campervan awnings are designed to give you all of this space and it ensures that you have some additional shade. The best campervan awnings will attach to almost any vehicle and they should offer you the protection you need.

Since you can find campervan awnings almost anywhere, you must consider finding the right one for your vehicle and camping needs. This article aims to help you select the top options on the market today, so you can have the best camping experience. Adding an awning to your campervan or overlanding setup will ensure you have plenty of shade and extra room to spread out on your camping adventure.

The Best Campervan Awnings Comparison

Thule HideawayAluminum105 x 3.5 x 5.5 inches37 lbsBest for Sprinters & Pro Masters$$$$$5/5
Smittybilt Tent AwningAluminum/Polyester/Cotton103 x 8 x 6 inches28 lbsAll roof racks$$4/5
ARB Retractable AwningPolyester/Nylon/PVC103 x 8 x 8 inches39.9 lbsAll roof racks$$$4.5/5
Rhino Rack Batwing AwningAluminum/PVC/Ripstop Nylon98 x 98 x 50 inches47 lbsBest for overlanders$$$$5/5
Slumberjack Roadhouse TarpNylon/PVC160 x 103/192 inches14.1 lbsBest for overlanders or car camping$3.5/5
MoonshadePolyester/PVC108 x 84 inches8 lbsAll vehicle types$$4.5/5

Campervan Awnings – What You Need To Know

Before you think of buying a campervan awning, you’ll need to make sure that you understand the different options and how they function. The following section is designed to help you make the best decision and we will give you all the information you might need to make the right decision.

Benefits of Campervan Awnings

One thing you will notice with these awnings is that they bring a new dimension to your camping experience. If you are unsure whether the campervan awnings will work for you, you should consider looking at these benefits. These are some of the main benefits that you can expect to get when looking for the best campervan awning:

  • More Covered Area: One of the first things is that you will have more area that is covered and this will ensure that you have protection.
  • Protection From The Sun: The sun can be daunting when you are out camping. However, the awnings will offer you the protection you need.
  • Can Be Converted To A Sleeping Area: One of the best things that you can do is use these awnings and convert them into additional sleeping space. However, you might need a small tent or enclosure accessory.
  • Living Space: While space is abundant when you go camping, covered space is not. Once the awnings are fitted, they should offer you some adequate living space.

Types Of Awnings

Before you buy your favorite campervan awnings, you will need to make sure that you understand the different types. There are a variety of these awning options that you can choose from and each of them offers you value for your money. Here are some of the different awning types that you will have to consider:

Electric Awnings

The electric campervan awnings are a little more expensive, but they are the best and easiest awnings that you can use. These awnings are fitted and they can be accessed using a button that will automatically move the waning forward and into position. While they might offer the same coverage as the manual awnings, they are much easier to open. You should be able to open these awnings regardless of the weather conditions.

Manual Awnings

The manual awnings are more traditional and they will ensure that you have adequate comfort and protection. These awnings will make it possible for you to open up the awning when you want it and how you want it. While they have no real upsides when compared to the electric awnings, you can be sure that they offer you great protection. The one downside is that these awnings are some of the harder options to set up.

Best Campervan Awnings On The Market Today

Now that you have a better understanding of campervan awnings, it should be much easier for you to choose the right one. We have selected some of the best options on the market today and tested many of them on our vehicles. If you are looking for a high-end campervan awning, here are the best options to consider:

Best Overall Campervan Awning: Thule Hideaway 

Price: $899
Size: 105 x 3.5 x 5.5-inches
Weight: 37-pounds
Materials: Aluminum
Compatibility: Ideal for campervans (i.e. Sprinter, Pro Master)

The Thule Hideaway is one of the basic awnings you will come across. It is a manual awning that is constructed from solid aluminum and does not feature any excessive poles that give you more room for your shade. The awning is hand-operated and once you have it attached, you will need to crank it manually.

Since Thule is known for its roof racks, you can be sure that this one will be compatible with your roof racks. All the mounting brackets also store in the awnings and you don’t need to worry about loose parts. One of the only issues is that this is one of the more expensive options on the market today when looking for shelter.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Manual operation
  • Easy to mount
  • Versatile mounting


  • Expensive

Best Beginner Campervan Awning: Smittybilt Tent Awning

Price: $225
Size: 103 x 8 x 6-inches
Weight: 28-pounds
Materials: Lightweight aluminum, polyester, and cotton
Compatibility: Mounts to factory roof racks using the L bracket

The Smittybilt Tent Awning is one of the more basic options on the market today and it features durable construction. The polyester and cotton should be perfect to keep the sun at bay and these awnings are also fitted with poles. The poles will give you some additional stability when it comes to resisting the elements.

One of the main benefits is that it works on almost any vehicle with a roof rack and while it is manually operated, it should be sufficient when it comes to protection. One of the downsides is the overall lack of durability. However, it is also one of the easiest campervan awnings that you can repair if you need to repair damages.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount on all vehicles
  • Inexpensive


  • Lacks durability
  • The legs are not thick enough

Best Retractable Campervan Awning: ARB Retractable Awning

Price: $423
Size: 105 x 8 x 8-inches
Weight: 39.9-pounds
Materials: Polyester, Nylon, and PVC
Compatibility: Mounts to all roof racks

If quality is what you are looking for, the ARB Retractable Awning is one of the top options. It might be a bit expensive, but it has all the accessories you will need when it comes to setting up the unit. It is made from polyester, nylon, and additional PVC, which should be great when the elements hit.

Additionally, these awnings include an LED strip that should give you some lighting when you need it. It features telescopic poles that should allow it to extend and retract to the right level that you could need it. The UVP rating of 50 is more than enough to give you some solid protection from the sun and some of the elements.


  • Durable construction
  • Universal mounting
  • Extendable telescopic poles
  • Includes an LED strip


  • The poles are not as durable in bad weather

Best High-End Campervan Awning: Rhino Rack Batwing Awning

Price: $714
Size: 98 x 98 x 50-inches
Weight: 47-pounds
Materials: Aluminum, Plastic, Ripstop Nylon
Compatibility: Overlanding rigs (i.e. Jeep Wrangler, Toyota Tacoma, 4 Runner, etc.)

If you are looking for one of the largest options, you need to have a look at the Rhino Rack Batwing Awning. The awning is made from durable materials and it has some of the largest dimensions of any awning we have seen so far. It is perfect for large campervans but seems to be more compatible with some of the smaller options.

Once again, this is a manual awning and you will need to set it up manually to make sure that you have optimal comfort. The aluminum will give you plenty of durability and the plastic is great for support. We have seen that this awning will also hold up well in bad conditions. The weight of 47-pounds is more than enough.


  • Large construction
  • Mounts in seconds
  • Features a smaller compact version
  • Durable


  • Expensive

Best Budget Campervan Awning: Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp

Price: $119
Size: 160 x 103/192-inches
Weight: 14.1-pounds
Materials: Option 1/3: Single pole “A-frame” set up with a vehicle, Option 2/3: Dual pole “awning” set up with a vehicle, Option 3/3: Dual pole “A-frame” without a vehicle 
Compatibility: Unique Attachment for SUVs and Jeeps

Jeeps and SUVs are the most common vehicles often used for camping and having the right coverage will be much easier when you simply need to attach it in a few seconds. The Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp is the perfect option and it is only 14.1-pounds in total weight. The unit is designed from solid poles and these will hold it up.

There are numerous different methods that you can use to set up these awnings and this one features three different methods. It is one of the cheapest options as well and you can be sure to get some great value for your money. We should also mention that it is one of the largest options on the market today.


  • Sets up in minutes
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile design
  • Inexpensive


  • Not for severe weather conditions

Best Portable Awning: Moonshade

Price: $325
Size: 108 x 84
Weight: 8-pounds
Materials: Polyester and aluminum 
Compatibility: All SUVs and roof racks

One of the smaller options we have on the list today is the Moonshade awning. It is one of the more traditional options and while it is manually operated, you should be able to mount the unit in just a couple of minutes. It is made from sturdy materials and should be a good option for those that need something lightweight.

As you might have guessed, the biggest selling point with this awning is the portability and it is one of the top options for beginners to get started. It is only 8-pounds in weight and should be great when it comes to resisting the elements. Fortunately, it is compatible with almost any SUV and different roof racks.


  • Portable
  • Versatile design
  • Easy to mount
  • Great for camping


  • Might be too small


A campervan awning is one of the best investments you can make when outfitting your campervan or overlanding rig. Most of them have a universal fit and they should offer you plenty of comfort when you set them up. If you have a rooftop camping tent, you can add one of these awnings and extend your area of comfort and shelter.

Let us know in the comment section if we have missed any of your favorites!