Roadtrip: Denver to Moab

There are places that truly slow down time. It’s not often you experience this feeling, but amongst the desert landscape surrounded by the red walls of Moab is where you can find this phenomenon. Known for its stunning views and endless outdoor activities, it’s no wonder this travel destination in Utah is known as one of the adventure capitals of the world. Whatever you seek by traveling in this direction, you will find it in Moab.


With a name literally meaning The Promised Land, the landscape, its vastness, and opportunities to indulge your childlike curiosities will have you returning to experience this special place, time and time again. A gateway to two national parks, mountain bike trails that seem to go on for infinity, rustic camping, and backroad drives through astounding rock formations will have you needing a vacation after this vacation.

One, five and a half hour drive West across some of the most picturesque backdrops of Colorado and into the red desert sands of Utah waits what has been referred to as a magical place; a place where you forget about being connected and embrace the feeling of being off-the-grid. Moab is a magnetic force. It will capture your heart and ignite the fire of wanderlust within your soul. You will relive your adventures you had off the beaten path until you return again. So come. Lace up your hiking boots, tune up your bike, and dust off the cobwebs of routine. The stoic walls that stand in this region are awaiting your eyes as are the delicate arches you’ll experience in the land of Jurassic creation.



 What to do in Moab, Utah:

The Drive:

This has got to be the most picturesque and simple drives to one of the country’s best locations. You only have one turn to make, so don’t miss it! Head West! Turn up your fav playlist (or listen to ours) and drive out West on I-70 for 321 miles! Just outside Thompson Springs you’ll take Exit 182 toward U.S. 191 S to Moab.  Thirty two miles later, you have arrived. Try to keep it in your lane. It’ll be tough with how magnificent the welcoming towers of red sandstone will be.


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