If you’re an adventure seeking, adrenaline junky, we’ve complied a list of the top 15 adrenaline-filled Colorado adventures! Not for the faint of heart.

1. Via Ferrata (Telluride)

Not for the faint of heart but for someone seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush, cling and climb across rock faces high above the valley floor on Telluride’s exhilarating Via Ferrata. Literally meaning “Road of Iron” you’ll tip toe your way across the mountains face on iron footholds 500 feet up. Get ready for a heart stopping adventure with a bird’s eye view of Colorado’s most beautiful. Harness up, snap your helmet, and hold on because here comes a tail you will tell for years to come!

3-mile trail/climb in Telluride, Colorado

2. Terror-Dactyl Canyon Swing (Manitou Springs)

Not exactly your childhood swing you’d leap off of at the neighborhood park but more like a swing on steroids way above atop a mountain, come experience that heart-in-your-throat thrill ride at on the Terror-Dactyl Canyon Swing. Hold on as you embark on a 200 foot free-fall drop into Williams Canyon. Feel the wind in your hair, the warm sun in the air and possible hoots of excitement on this drop you won’t soon forget! Visit Cave of the Winds Mountain Park’s website for many more opportunities for fun!

3. Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine (Cripple Creek)

Strap on your hard hat and get ready to descend 1,000 feet into America’s only vertical shaft gold mine for a once in a lifetime underground tour of the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. Don’t just learn about gold mining but experience it firsthand. Capturing the fascinating history of Colorado’s gold rush days, you’ll feel like Mollie Kathleen Gortner is guiding the way on the tour of her mine she staked claim to in 1891. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to step back in time!

4. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park (Glenwood Springs)

Sitting at an altitude of 7,100 feet and the only mountain top theme park in America, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is sure to add the fun and adventure you and the family crave on your trip to sunny Colorado. Jam packed with thrill rides, cave tours, a canyon swing, and even hot springs, you’ll have to experience it for yourself. An added bonus is the drive through what has been referred to as “the most beautiful canyon on an interstate” also known as Glenwood Canyon. Keep an eye out for the mountain goats and we’ll see you up there!

5. White Water Rafting (Buena Vista)

If it’s the rush of glacial blue river waters and Class III rapids you seek, look no further than a Brown’s Canyon Rafting Trip down the sparkling Arkansas River! With full and half day adventures available both the rafting and the jaw dropping views of Colorado’s 14,000 foot “Collegiate” peaks will have you coming back for more. Snap on your life vest, layer on your sunscreen, and get ready for the float of a lifetime because it’s not only the rodeos that offer this kind of bucking ride!

White water rafting in Buena Vista, Colorado

6. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park (Canon City)

Royal in so many ways, not just for the awe-inspiring views, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City awaits to impress you. Stroll across the 956 foot high Royal Gorge Bridge, fly through the air with the greatest of ease on the highest zip line in America, or relax in a peaceful gondola high above the canyon floor amongst a backdrop of sheer cliff walls and blue skies for miles. This is a park where the adventure never ends. Discover something for everyone and share about your experiences until your next return!

7. Skyline Drive (Canon City, CO)

One of the most narrow drives along a 2.6 mile razorback ridge in the state with heart thumping drops on both sides, Skyline Drive will either have you on the edge of your seat gazing out over the panoramic views or covering your eyes in uncertainty. No matter how you receive this epic drive,  make sure to take time to stop and check out the dinosaur footprints in the rock walls along the way! Yes. They were brave enough to make the treck and so are you! Although it’s not a drive for the faint of heart or those with a fear of heights, this is a hidden gem of Canon City you don’t want to miss out on.

8. Sandboarding the Great Sand Dunes 

Prepare to have ancient sand in your shoe while you make the trek to the top of our famous sand dunes in Colorado to surf the sand! Sit down, strap in, and get ready for one of the best shred sessions you’ll ever experience. One of the most novel activities offered in the state, sandboarding or sand sledding the ancient dunes in the San Luis Valley is fun for both kids and adults. When you’re done cruise’n the sand waves, take a break and dip your toes into the cool Medano Creek. Adventure is waiting!

Sandboarding in Sand Dune National Park

9. Paradise Cove (Guffey Cove) Cliff Jumping

A swimming hole hugged by towering granite walls tucked in the woods is exactly what the summer heat calls for! Dip your toes or cliff jump into nature’s pool fed by a cascade of fresh mountain water at the hidden gem of Paradise Cove in the Gufffey Gorge recreational area. A short but steep 1 mile hike through a forest of ponderosa, beneath jaw dropping rock features, and through vibrant fields of wild flowers will gain you access to fun and relaxation. Don’t forget a towel and we’ll see you there!

10. Manitou Incline (Manitou Springs)

Get ready for one of the most heart pounding, leg burning fitness challenges you’ve ever taken on when you arrive at the bottom of this staircase. Located in the cozy town of Manitou Springs The Incline is famous for its steep grade and lung intensive hike up 2,744 steps. Stairs you say? No problem! BUT what you don’t realize is that you’ll gain 2,011 feet of elevation in just .88 miles! Don’t be fooled by the false summit towards the peak but be prepared to have fun! Tie on your shoes and bring extra water for this adrenaline pumping activity. You never know. You could become the next member of the “sub 30” group who aims to complete the challenge in less than ½ hour!

11. Downhill Mountain Biking (Winter Park)

Ever taken a ski lift up a mountain in the summer with your mountain bike? No? Well here’s your chance to experience the parkour-style downhill mountain biking experience at Trestle Bike Park. With dirt tracks for all levels of rider, come shred down the twisting, turning flow of the mountain. With over 600 miles of  trails throughout the park and surrounding areas, it’s no wonder people have named this spot the mountain bike capital of the USA. With a smile from ear to ear you’ll be hooked and coming back for more. It’s time to send it! See you there!

Winter Park, Colorado downhill mountain biking

12. Rock Climbing (Clear Creek Canyon-Golden, CO)

Climb on! Easily one of the most beautiful canyons in the Front Range, Coal Creek Canyon boasts world class rock climbing amongst its granite peaks. Whether you’re a veteran of the sport or are just trying it out for a day, this is the place you want to be. With endless routes speckled throughout the entirety of the canyon, there is something for everyone here. Want a guide to bring you out and show you the ropes…literally? Give Golden Mountain Guides a call and book today! And don’t forget, when you make it to the top of the climbing route, look out and take in the views. Rock on!

13. Hike a ’14-er’

Ever been to an elevation of 14,000 feet or above? Littered with 14,000 foot peaks, or ‘14ers’ to the locals, Colorado has some of the most challenging hikes in the country. With over 50 peaks to choose from, all varying in difficulty, you’ll feel proud, exhausted, and awe struck once you get to the top.  So what are you waiting for!? Come bag a peak! Be sure to start early, bring plenty of water, and get ready for some of the most fantastic views you’ve ever laid your eye on. See you on top of the world!

14. Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Sanctuary

Get up-close and educated about the beautiful, majestic and elusive wolf. Choose from several different tours on your visit to the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. From a 1 hour viewing tour to a VIP interactive encounter where you may just get canine kisses from a wolf, you’re guaranteed to have fun. Filled with education about the species and illustrative stories about their pasts, the wolves welcome you with open paws. There’s even a feeding tour for the bravest of adventurers!

Wolves at Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center

15. Drive to 14,000 feet of Elevation on Mount Evans’ Scenic Byway

Come drive the highest paved road in North America! Mount Evans Scenic Byway is a twisting and turning driving adventure up a skinny mountain road; don’t look down! At 14,260 feet in elevation, Mount Evans is just one of a few of the highest peaks in America that you can drive to the top of. With scenic views the entire way up and a welcome committee of mountain goats and bighorn sheep, you won’t want to leave. Climb to the very top once you park and take in the sights. Bring the basket because this is a perfect place for a high alpine picnic!

Hope this helps your overland trip to be a bit more adventurous and exciting! If you’re ready for your next adventure, book a Jeep camper or campervan with Overland Discovery for an unforgettable adrenaline-filled road trip.