Overland Discovery Camper Rentals Featured on CNBC!

Summer has arrived, but sadly COVID-19 hasn’t left. Americans are left wondering how to enjoy summer vacation with their families and friends while still staying safe.

Lucky for you, experts say renting an RV is one of the safest ways to get out and explore this summer. You can still get out of town and immerse yourself in nature while staying self-contained and maintaining your social distance from other outdoor adventurers.

Not only that, but you can save money on summer vacation when you rent an RV (or compact RVor campervan…) instead of booking hotels or having to eat out in restaurants. When you rent an adventure vehicle from Overland Discovery, your wheels, bed, and kitchen are all-in-one. 

CNBC recently put together a round-up of RV and rental vehicle brands, and made sure to highlight Overland Discovery in the mix. 

Discover more about the rising popularity and safety of a camper rental vacation this summer, and see what CNBC had to say about Overland Discovery! >