Overland Discovery has a new addition to the fleet! The new Jeep Gladiator 2020. With a name like Gladiator it’s no wonder why this new mid-size truck-designed-Jeep has got everyone talking. Handsome and burly just like all of its Jeep predecessors but with the added cargo space for hauling loads and upgraded towing capacity, this on and off the road monster will be the center of attention at all the meet-ups.

 Twin Lakes, Colorado

Newly added features including hydraulic motor mounts and an aerodynamic windshield give it a more refined ride on the road. Ample ground clearance and torque to pull you up the steepest of inclines, there will be nothing holding you back from exploring those far reaching destinations you desire.  So, if you’re looking for that more refined but rugged adventure travel buddy, the Gladiator is the rig for you.


A blend between the beloved Jeep Wrangler and a mid-size pick-up truck, the Gladiator is the perfect overlanding machine. Rocking the iconic Jeep interior of round gauges, centrally located window switches, SAT navigation, USB compatible plugs, overhead speakers for your adventure playlist, and AC/Heat for all regions of the US, the Gladiator has it all. This rig is equipped with new Falcon tires for any trail, Fox Shocks for soaking up the lumps and bumps along the way, and extra space with the addition of the pick-up bed off the back.     

What makes the Jeep Gladiator a leader in off-the-beaten-path trucks is its purpose-built chassis, more robust axles, and off-road suspension package designed to transfer its enormous power and torque down to the ground, enabling you to overtake obstacles and tackle all kinds of terrain. With a 285 horse power 8-speed automatic transmission, 260 pounds of torque, disconnecting sway bars, front and rear locking differentials, aggressive 35-inch falcon tires and 11.1 inches of ground clearance, deciding what Jeep to take on your next Overland Discovery adventure will be a no brainer!

Who is Overland Discovery?

Overland Discovery offers overland Jeep rentals and campervan (class B RV) rentals in Denver, Colorado. Our Jeep camper and campervan rentals come equipped with everything you need for the ultimate camping trip. With locations in Denver and Las Vegas (coming soon), you’ll get to explore, camp and adventure throughout amazing national parks and across the beautiful, rugged landscapes of the Western US. Just bring a sense of adventure, and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn More About Overland Discovery

Rent a Jeep Gladiator in Colorado!

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