Here at Overland Discovery, we pride ourselves in maintaining an extremely high level of cleanliness for our Jeep Campers, Campervans, and Compact RVs.

Our dedication to sanitary, clean conditions has been a tenant of our company long before the coronavirus pandemic.

Our Chief Experience Officer, Eric, and our Director of Overland Operations, Steve, are former Navy medics. As corpsmen, they learned in-depth knowledge about preventing infections and outbreaks, and how to improve the health and wellness of the greater community.

Eric and Steve’s expertise informs the founding principles of Overland Discovery’s “Clean and Confident” program, which is our four-step cleaning protocol that we use on every rental vehicle before it’s passed along to our customers.

Below, we take a deep dive into our “Clean and Confident” program, with an in-depth explanation of each cleaning phase that goes into our rental vehicles.

How We Clean Our Colorado Campervan Rentals

Step 1: Sanitization Phase

During the cleaning and sanitation process, the team member in charge of cleaning the vehicle is required to wear a mask and gloves to prevent the contamination of any parts of the vehicle.

  • High-use areas, including the door handles, cockpit, seats, key fob, drawers, etc., are all disinfected with a combination of an antibacterial cleaning solution and our “house blend” cleaning solution, which is composed of isopropyl alcohol, vinegar, and water.

  • After the initial sanitization period, the vehicle is then “aired out” for 24 hours.

  • The windows are left open to remove odors and to bring in some fresh air inside the vehicle. If there are any strong odors, our team will use an ozone machine to deodorize, disinfect, kill or remove dangerous or irritating airborne particles.

Once the vehicle is sanitized and all possible damages are evaluated, the vehicle enters Step 2.

How We Clean Our Colorado Campervan Rentals

Step 2: Deep Cleaning Phase

 This is when the deep cleaning of all our vehicles and gear begins.

  • After the initial inspection, the vehicles are stripped of all gear, and the kitchen kit and bedding are sent to the prepping area for deep cleaning.

  • Kitchen utensils are sent to the sanitized dishwasher and inspected for damage.

  • After all items are removed from the vehicle, we vacuum the majority of surfaces, seats, and crevices around the vehicle and deep clean with the house blend solution of alcohol/vinegar, a non-toxic all-purpose cleaner, protectant formula that cleans and shines hard surfaces, fabric spray, and an air freshener.

  • All equipment (kitchen, bedding and camping kits) is disinfected and sanitized during this step. Bedding, washcloths, curtains, and mattress covers are cleaned using a high-temp wash & drying cycle.

  • Kitchen kits (plates, cups, silverware, etc.) are always washed in a dishwasher, on high-temp sanitization settings.

  • Camping gear (chairs, table, stove, etc.) is thoroughly disinfected using an antibacterial solution and disinfectant wipes. This is repeated until our head of operations, Steve, approves.

  • During this process, the exterior of the vehicle (vehicle, tires, floor mats, windows, mirrors) is cleaned.

How We Clean Our Colorado Campervan Rentals

Step 3: Confidence Certification Phase

 Vehicle maintenance is an integral part of a healthy fleet. Phase 3 ensures that vehicles are not only clean, but we’re confident that the vehicle is safe for our renters.

  • We ensure that the car’s scheduled maintenance is performed, and that mileage is accurately recorded.

  • The oil and tire pressure are always checked before the vehicle is “confidence certified”, as are the headlights and brake lights (for safety first, and to make sure you don’t get pulled over during your trip).

  • A full tank of gas is provided for renters and the car’s Bluetooth or UConnect systems (if applicable) are tested for handsfree calling and entertainment.

  • After the vehicle has been fully cleaned, we reset the gear kits for two renters including camping gear, kitchenware, and bedding.

How We Clean Our Colorado Campervan Rentals

 Step 4: Quality Control Phase

Our final step in the cleaning process is crucial to the experience and level of quality that we seek to provide all of our renters.

  • The vehicles are not only cleaned and inspected on the day of the rental. Our Director of Overland Operations, Steve, inspects the vehicles once again for possible missed spots and applies his knowledge as a Navy medic before certifying the vehicle.

  • Reservations are double-checked during this step, and all gear and add-ons are accounted for and prepped.

At this point, the vehicle is certified as “Clean and Confident”!

A Note to Our Customers

We’re committed to ensuring our campers are clean and safe before each rental. When you pick up your camper, you will see a small placard on the dashboard certifying that the vehicle has undergone a detailed cleaning and maintenance checklist and has been personally inspected by one of our team members.

This is our “Clean & Confident” certification. You will see the signature of the team member who inspected the vehicle.


How We Clean Our Colorado Campervan Rentals

 Although the current pandemic has limited the ability to enjoy certain outdoor activities, the outdoors is still wide open and ready for your next adventure. It’s an especially great time for camping in Colorado.

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