Overlanding is to driving what backpacking is to walking. When you are backpacking, you can hit the back country trails ready to hike and explore with everything you need to eat, sleep, and enjoy nature right on your back. The same is true of overlanding. The vehicle becomes part of your epic journey, allowing you to travel, sleep, and explore off the beaten path and let your curiosity direct each turn in the road.

The vehicle becomes part of your epic journey, allowing you to travel, sleep, and explore off the beaten path and let your curiosity direct each turn in the road.

With this in mind, not all rigs are created equal and there are certain elements and features that can take your experience to the next level. At Overland Discovery, we pride ourselves in providing the ultimate rig set-up for your overland adventures in Colorado and surrounding states. Let’s take a closer look at what each rig has to offer and how these features play a key role in making your trip fun and efficient.


Jeep Wrangler Sport w/Awning

Jeep Wrangler Sport w/Awning


The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon consistently ranks among the top overlanding vehicles, and it’s easy to see why. Our all-terrain, 4×4 Jeeps can handle unpredictable weather, variable terrain, and the most rugged of landscapes, allowing you to go anywhere.

Each Jeep Rubicon in our fleet is equipped with oversized Nitto Mud or Trail Grappler series tires that provide traction over various off-road terrain and handle extreme conditions while remaining comfortable and quiet whether you’re driving down the highway or exploring back roads.

Both 2- and 4-door Jeeps are the perfect size for adventure. Their standard vehicle size makes them more driver-friendly for tricky terrain and back roads, as well as easier to maneuver around town where even parking spots can be tricky for those in large campervans and RVs. Even fully kitted out with roof racks and tents, pull-out awnings, and optional cargo add-ons, the Jeeps provide a tidy package for both overlanding and cruising through town.

Our new 2018 4-door Unlimited Sport offers premium comfort, driving, and style. We are busy kitting out this newest addition for summer rentals. Ask us about renting this ride for your adventure! Not sure which rig will suit you best? Explore our full fleet of Jeeps at Overland Discovery.


After a full day of adventuring, you’ll be ready to set-up camp and relax. Our rentals feature camp equipment that is easy to set-up and use so you can make the most of your evening relaxing by the campfire.


All of our Jeep rentals include top-of-the-line rooftop tents from Roofnest. With the Eagle (4-door Jeeps) and Sandpiper (2-door Jeep) Roofnest tents, 3” premium mattresses and provide above-ground comfort for a restful night’s sleep and mesh panels allow you to view the stars as you drift off to sleep. Constructed from more durable waterproof material than regular ground tents, the Roofnest also provides superior protection from the elements.


Before you head out on your adventure, we’ll give you a full orientation of the tent system. Set-up and take-down of the tent is super simple and takes less than a minute. The Roofnest tent pops up easily when you unbuckle it and snaps down with metal latch closures when it’s time to hit the road. Additionally, the Roofnest is designed so that sleeping bags and pillows can be left in the tent even when latched down for travel. This means that after a day of adventuring, all you need to do is find your camp spot, pop the tent, and your nighttime abode is ready to go.


Our rentals include an attached ARB or Smittybilt awning to offer additional camping comfort, shading you from the sunny Colorado and Utah weather while you enjoy lunch or providing a dry space in case of an afternoon shower. The awning also provides additional sleeping space with the optional tent annex add-on for extra travelers.


One thing that often pains people about overland travel is the cooking aspect. Having to pack and unpack everything from giant tubs when it’s time to get out the cookware and dishes can be no fun. No more! At Overland Discovery, we’ve integrated kitchen systems into all of our rentals, making cooking and storage easy and accessible.

Jeep Wrangler Sport with Rotopax water storage containers

Jeep Wrangler Sport with Rotopax water storage containers

Sergeant Silver and Rebel Ruby now feature the Overland Kitchen, while Private Gobi and our new 4-door Unlimited Sport Jeep include integrated Goose Gear Camp Kitchens and drawer storage. Each system includes everything you need to stay organized and cook an amazing meal, with spacious drawers, sliding cooler/fridge and camp stove compartments, and even a cutting board/food prep area.

With both systems, all food storage, prep, and cooking can be done straight from the back of the Jeep, eliminating the need to pack and unpack cooking gear and food, and leaving your precious camp table space open for cold drinks and delicious hot camp meals.


Water is one of the most critical items on the packing list when camping. The challenge with bring it on your camping trip is that it takes up quite a big of space. Rotopax water storage containers which are included with each rental for a total of 4 gallons of water capacity to store extra water for cooking, cleaning, and drinking. These systems are mounted to the outside of the Jeep for easy access at camp.


The trash-a-what? The Trasharoo is a heavy-duty external off-road trash bag that is affixed to the spare wheel on the back of every Jeep rental (except the 4-door sport because it blocks the back-up camera), allowing you to store any trash outside of the vehicle until you can get to appropriate trash and recycling receptacles for disposal.


Who is Overland Discovery?

Overland Discovery offers overland Jeep rentals and campervan (class B RV) rentals in Denver, Colorado. Our Jeep camper and campervan rentals come equipped with everything you need for the ultimate camping trip. With locations in Denver and Las Vegas (coming soon), you’ll get to explore, camp and adventure throughout amazing national parks and across the beautiful, rugged landscapes of the Western US. Just bring a sense of adventure, and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn More About Overland Discovery

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