Dip Your Toes in the West


As the sun sets in the West painting the Sangre de Cristo mountain range in warm hues of pink and orange the relaxation sets in. You find yourself under a blanket of stars in what feels like the middle of nowhere soaking in a hot mineral bath while a lone owl hoots softly behind you from a tree just out of sight. This is the Joyful Journey hot springs experience. Tucked into the prairie lands of the San Luis Valley, this is a destination you don’t want to miss.

Rising from below the Earth’s surface from the travertine spring, fresh hot water flows up and into the three pools at Joyful Journey. Each pool holds at a temperature from 98 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and contains a multitude of natural minerals with inherent healing properties.  Called one of the most sacred and energetically active locations in North America by historical natives of the Crestone area, you’ll have to stop in, soak up Earth’s energy, and experience this relaxing, hidden gem for yourself.

Called one of the most sacred and energetically active locations in North America by historical natives of the Crestone area…

Experience the Drive

Driving to the Great Sand Dunes is an experience in itself. No matter the path you decide to venture out there on, you’ll find other great spots to stop at along the way. Just know, the drive and its exquisite sights will have you pressed to the window with wide eyes and amazement. From the city buildings, to the grasslands, through the thickets of Aspen trees and into the alpine where you can see conifer pine trees for miles, it’s all there. So, tuck your phone away, turn up your favorite tunes, and soak it all in. You’re on vacation after all.

Through the town of Buena Vista *(staff pick!)via US Hwy 285 s

The quaint town of Buena Vista won’t have to beg you to stop. It’s main street, complete with eateries serving delicious food, coffee shops for that pick-me-up you need, and shops to satisfy the curious shopper are all there and ready for you.

Soak and sleep in comfort. Some of our recommendations:

  • The Pools & Minerals – Enjoy a dip in the therapeutic artesian waters ranging from 98-108 degrees for just $15.

  • Stay in a Yurt! – Disconnect from it all. Removed from the general area with expansive views, short walks to the pools, and that unique experience you’re seeking out in the West.

  • Sleep in a Tipi! – Outfitted with cots and mats, tap into your true western soul by sleeping in a tipi under the watchful eyes of the Sangre de Cristos. No lack of fresh air here!

  • Onsite Eatery too – Breakfast and dinner served daily.

  • Camp in Your Jeep! – Pull up, pop the top and soak up the nature under the watchful eye of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Reserve your Jeep Camper with Overland Discovery today!

Who is Overland Discovery?

Overland Discovery offers overland Jeep rentals and campervan (class B RV) rentals in Denver, Colorado. Our Jeep camper and campervan rentals come equipped with everything you need for the ultimate camping trip. With locations in Denver and Las Vegas (coming soon), you’ll get to explore, camp and adventure throughout amazing national parks and across the beautiful, rugged landscapes of the Western US. Just bring a sense of adventure, and we’ll take care of the rest. Learn More About Overland Discovery

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