Jeep or Campervan?

Ready for an adventure, but wondering which camper will best suit your adventure plans?

From campervans to Jeep Campers, Overland Discovery has it all for different travel styles, budgets, and destinations. Before you pick your overland wheels, let’s take a look at some key considerations that will help guide you in the right direction.

1. Length of your Journey

Whether you’re on a short weekend trip or a three-week expedition through the mountains, each vehicle in our fleet allows you to go anywhere, camp in comfort, and pack light! Your biggest consideration for length of journey will be living space.

If you’re open to sleeping atop your adventure-mobile, preparing your meals while surrounded by nature, and relaxing in your camp chairs beneath the shade of your awning, our Jeep Campers are the overland rig for you. 

Prefer to spread out in the comfort of a tiny-home-like vehicle with easy access to your bed, a windshield so open you feel like you’re watching the Wild West unfold as you drive, and an indoor hang out space during inclement weather? Our campervans were made for you.

If you ask us, we’d say, the longer the adventure the better (no matter what camper you choose)! 

2. Season

It’s no joke when they say Colorado can experience every season in a matter of one day. From sunny warm temps during the mornings to frigid cold weather in the night, it’s important to consider the season and local temperatures where you plan to travel.

The roof-top-tents on each of our Jeep Campers keep you elevated from the cool ground, and being made from thicker fabric, you’re sure to stay warm with the appropriate degree sleeping bag (or cooler with their open-air mesh panels on all sides).

In comparison, you may prefer sleeping inside a van in colder (or hotter) temperatures where you have a little more control of the temperature and can escape inclement weather. With each campervan outfitted with switch-activated heater, this option is perfect for late fall and winter getaways.

No matter the season, Overland Discovery has all your needs covered.

3. Destination(s) & Terrain

Jeeps are your quintessential off-the-beaten-path vehicle. If you plan to travel over more rugged terrain, explore dirt roads or mountain passes, and plan to venture further into the backcountry, then a Jeep Camper will best suit your needs.

Although just as capable but with slightly lower clearance and no 4WD, our campervans will show you an adventure albeit on more smooth, maintained dirt roads.  Determining exactly where you’d like to go and what type of roads you will be traveling may be the single most important factor in choosing between a Jeep Camper or Campervan. 

No matter the vehicle, it is certain you will rewild yourself through exploration, curiosity, and taking the roads less traveled.

4. Mileage & Fuel Efficiency

With phenomenal national parks, recreation areas, and open wilderness within striking distance from our headquarters in Denver, you have the potential to explore popular sites or get off the grid while meeting mileage and fuel economy preferences.

A great place to start is to determine destinations you’d like to explore and estimating their distances.

5. Number of Passengers

Two-door, 4-door, or just one huge sliding door, we’ve got what you need! But seriously, other than our two-door Jeep, all of our Jeep Campers – including our Jeep Rubicon, Sport, and Gladiator- can seat up to five people. Each Jeep has a rooftop tent that can accommodate two adults (and one small child), with add-on options that include a tent annex or ground tent for additional sleeping space for extra passengers. 

Our campervans are set up to accommodate two people, but future plans include seating and sleeping arrangements for up to five.

Keep an eye on our overland fleet as we continue to grow! 

6. Capacity

Pack light! It is our mission to connect you with the outdoors and we do so by providing you with sleep, cook, and camp gear to hit the adventure ground running! Our Jeep Campers and campervans come fully kitted out with everything needed for two people to sleep, eat, and relax at camp, including a roof top tent (Jeeps) or bed (vans) with mattress, blankets, and pillows; a full kitchen set-up with a fridge or cooler, camp stove, and all cookware and dishes, as well as other camp amenities including a camp table, chairs, and headlamps.  

Have that one piece of gear you can’t live without or need a bike rack or extra storage for photography, climbing, or hiking gear? No need to worry. With options for bike racks and external storage, your overland journey is sure to be tranquil and smooth. 

7. Interior Space & Personal Camping Style

Interior space and camping style really zero in on the personal travel preferences of you and your travel companions. Interior space refers to the living space available inside the different vehicles.

Campervan travel may be the best option for those that want to adventure outdoors, but would like the option to relax indoors. Vans provide the space to sit, stand, and relax inside the van, including interior sleeping arrangements and the option to prepare/cook food in the van’s galley.

The Jeep set-up lends itself for those who want an adventure where they are outside (or nearly outside) much of the time. Our Jeep Campers are set-up for cooking outside from the rear of the Jeep and include roof-top tents with mesh panels, perfect for falling asleep while star-gazing. 

8. Budget

At Overland Discovery, we pride ourselves on providing a variety of all-inclusive overland rental options at a range of price points to keep your adventure budget-friendly. In addition to offering a variety of vehicle options and price points, we also run specials throughout different months and seasons, so always check what is happening on our website and subscribe to our newsletter!

As always, our team is here to help answer any questions. Feel free to send us a message or call us at 720-571-0025, and we’ll help you choose the right camper for your adventure!

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