Never overlanded? Not sure how this works? Not sure what to bring? No worries! We offer full-service rentals that include overland-capable Jeeps along with all of the equipment and gear you need for an unforgettable camping adventure!



Surely, you will see a lot of people renting vans, campervans, and other RVs to overland, but while we love them, there are serious advantages to overlanding in a Jeep. Jeeps are the gold-standard for overland travel, better for the unpredictable weather and variable terrain that you can encounter when traveling through mountain regions and other varied landscapes. We offer three options:

  • 2-Door Jeep - Small but mighty! Combines key 4x4 components with classic styling. 2 Travelers.

  • 4-Door Sport - Style and horsepower. For those who want nothing to get in the way of their adventure. 4 Travelers.

  • 4-Door Rubicon - Our toughest rigs. Tailor-made for all kinds of boundary-breaking experiences. 4-5 Travelers.



Camping is all about being rugged and in-tune with nature, right? Sleeping under the stars, feeling the cool night breeze, and waking up with the sun shining on your face sounds awesome. It’s all great until you wake up with a sore back and sand in your eyes. Ground tents are great for a lot of things, but they aren't super well known for being comfortable or overly convenient.

For that reason, we’ve partnered with Roofnest, a local Colorado company that makes the best roof-top-tents (RTTs) on the market. The Roofnest is so convenient and comfortable you’re never going to want to go back to sleeping on the ground. Here are some of the reasons why we chose Roofnest for our rigs:

  • Pops up in no time - Find your camp spot, park and set up the RTT in under a minute!

  • Sleep comfortably - With a 3-in. mattress and waterproof walls, you’ll forget you’re sleeping in the wilderness.

  • Save on space - Enough room inside to store all the bedding so it’s always ready when you need some shut-eye.


Lugging all of your gear across an airport terminal sounds miserable. Planning and checking off an endless packing list also sounds like a drag. We want you to enjoy your adventure as soon as you reserve your rig… not just when you arrive to Colorado. That’s why all of our rentals include everything you need for an EPIC overland adventure.

With us, you’ll sleep, cook and hang in comfort. Check out what’s included in everyone of our rentals*:

  • Sleep: blankets, pillows, headlamps

  • Cook: prep/organization area, stove, cookware, YETI cooler

  • Hang Out: camp chairs, table, lantern

*Rentals include gear for 2 travelers. Reach out if you need more gear!