After leaving the cozy town of Palisade known for the sweetest peaches in North America we headed southwest towards Gateway Colorado. With no expectations for the adventure ahead, just the open road and some great tunes flowing from the speakers of our overland rig, we made our way further into the West. Following the commands of the GPS we turned left onto highway 50 and a right onto State Highway 141. It wasn’t long after we turned down Highway 141 that we were left speechless. Little did we know that we had just begun the most beautiful drive in Colorado that we had never heard of.

The car was silent. There was nothing that could take our eyes off the grandeur and beauty of the landscape around us. It demanded our full attention. We had entered into the Unaweep Canyon. As cliché as it may sound, this canyon was breathtaking. Each sweeping turn we made through the canyon’s road left us awestruck. I describe it as the epicenter of the western red sand deserts and lush green forests. The contrast of colors under the sun’s rays and the sheer walls driving up towards the sky had us captivated.

You will find yourself driving under the speed limit to see as much as possible. Several times you will pull over to capture photos of the vastness. You will gasp at the sparkling ripples of crystal clear glacial lakes nestled below the towering rock walls. Your experience of this hidden paradise will live on through stories retold.

briggs Mansion and Thimble peak.jpg

I venture to say that there is no other place in Colorado like this canyon. Stoic walls so steep you’ll crane your neck to get a glimpse of their peaks, the unique swirls of rust and cream colors dancing throughout the stone, and the smooth yet rugged texture of the untouched walls will be etched into your memories. Don’t take my word for it though, come experience it for yourself. This may be your favorite drive in the country that you have yet to discover.

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