Rocky Mountain National Park

Overlanding in Rocky Mountain National Park

Known for its majestic welcome committee of wild elk and endless opportunities for exploring, Rocky Mountain National Park is a true escape into the wild. Every year, thousands of adventurists from all over the world travel up the twisting and turning mountain roads to experience this place of wonder. With its awe inspiring views of the rugged Rocky Mountains capped with snow year round, expansive valley floors of diverse and fragrant wild flowers, and wild life straight out of national geographic, you will forever be captivated by this mountain world.

Wildlife in Rocky Mountain National Park

Spanning 415 square miles and made up of cathedral-like mountains, thick forests, and alpine tundra, this park is unique in that it has something for everyone. Upon your visit, you may find yourself trekking down a remote hiking trail for an overnight backpack trip, dancing your fly across the sparkling waters of its rivers, or picnicking on the edge of a glacial lake. The untouched landscape can even be enjoyed from the comfort of your vehicle or from a seat on the free park shuttles. No matter where your curiosity leads you, the natural charm of the park is a gem full of secrets waiting to be shared.

If it’s a true taste of the wild you’re craving, this park with its welcoming mountains awaits your arrival. It’s not often you get to experience a special place like this where you can connect with others through a shared passion for the outdoors, fall asleep to the sounds of the forest, listen to the pines dance in the breeze, and feel as free as the eagles soaring above. We’ll see you out there!


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